Discover the Artistry: ZCIEA Harare PWD Chair Charity Deve’s Flower Vases & Delicious Home-Cooked Food
In this inspiring video, join us as we dive into the captivating journey of Charity Deve, a remarkable informal worker with a passion for creating beautiful flower vases and preparing mouth-watering home-cooked food. We’ll witness how Charity’s life took a transformative turn with the help of the ZCIEA Women Leadership Training. Discover the challenges Charity faced as an informal worker and how she overcame them with determination and resilience. Hear her heartfelt account of how the Women Leadership Training empowered not only her but also other women, providing them with essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in their chosen fields. Through this video, you’ll witness the incredible artistry behind Charity’s flower vases and get a taste of the delectable dishes she prepares. Moreover, you’ll understand the profound impact that empowerment and training can have on the lives of women in the informal sector. Join us on this uplifting journey as we celebrate the talent, strength, and success of Charity Deve and other remarkable women who are redefining what it means to be an informal worker. Get ready to be inspired by their stories of growth and empowerment!
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