On the 9th of December 2022, the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations (ZCIEA) Caledonia 7 Savings groups shared their savings, blankets, Kitchen utensils, and 4 plates of gas stoves after contributing different amounts of money from February 2022. The first 3 Savings club consist of 12 members each, contributing different amounts as follows: $20,00, $10,00 and $20,00. Those who contributed $20,00 from February 2022 shared $525,00 each whilst those from the $10,00 group shared $356,00 each.

ZCIEA members in Caledonia have embraced the art of social solidarity to improve their standards of living. A total of 10 members each contributed $25,00 from August 2022 and received brand new 4 plates gas stove. The other group of 8 members contributed $10,00 and shared kitchen utensils. These Savings clubs have inspired community members in Caledonia to join the ZCIEA Savings group where a total of 54 people (27 ZCIEA members, and 27people from the community) each contributed $5,00 every per week from April 2022 and received a Box of Kango Pots, a box of teapots, a set of and cups.

Workers and traders in the informal economy make very little profit as the majority live from hand to mouth. Pulling resources together has become an alternative for informal workers and traders to purchase essential goods for their families.

– The Chamber That Delivers