We the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations condemn the brutal shooting of Informal trader, Samson Chamunorwa Zharare by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Chitungwiza on Sunday the 5th of July 2020 at Jambanja Market. This incident has now resulted in the serious injury of an informal trader who is a Zimbabwean citizen with the right to enjoy a living.
ZCIEA represents the informal economy workers in Zimbabwe and by such, we cannot ignore this bad incident. The unfortunate incident shows that the Police are not carrying out their mandate to protect the public but instead are now brutalizing innocent traders trying to earn a living. Using live gunshots on civilians is uncalled for. This action by the Zimbabwe Republic Police is not new as they are ever at loggerheads with the informal economy workers raiding their wares and confiscating their goods. The informal economy in Zimbabwe can’t breathe due to Police brutality. Such militant acts on the Informal economy workers and traders must Stop forthwith.
Currently, the Zimbabwean economy is highly informalized hence the presence of informal workers and traders operating in Jambanja as this is a business that is bringing income not only to the informal traders but to their families. This is some form of employment creation, and this action by ZRP clearly showed that it does not have the interests of the people at heart whom it serves.
We cannot continue to ignore such militant approaches where the Zimbabwe Republic Police continue to harass and brutalize informal economy workers and traders. This is a worrisome, ugly, and inhumane act at its highest level. It is a loaded concern that the Zimbabwe Republic Police is so militant when dealing with innocent people who work hard to make a living. It’s a disgrace and a stinking behavior of our law enforcers. We need justice at our workplaces. Zimbabwe Republic Police must channel more energy to arresting real criminals like murderers, rapists, robbers, and corrupt officials than the Informal economy workers and traders. It is a shame to realize that the State security agents are using COVID-19 lockdown to prey on informal traders or put up an operation on the poor, innocent citizens of Zimbabwe who equally have a right to life and employment without any stakeholders’ consultations. Such characters are a threat to societal development.
We all want a happy, healthy, friendly, and peaceful country full of accountability and human rights respect. Our collective effort should be to fight COVID-19 and not the vendors.
We condemn at the highest levels such as violence against informal economy traders by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Currently, the country has a low employment ratio and the efforts by enterprising Zimbabweans must be respected at all levels. Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans and all Zimbabweans must be accorded the opportunity to live their lives without intimidation, abuse, or threats. We want justice to take its course on the badly wounded Tinashe.
The perpetrator must be brought to book and have it publicly announced