by Constance Chitombo

ZCIEA Zvishavane territory People With Disabilities (PWD) members are pushing the agenda of sitting in the council committee representing ZCIEA with the purpose of building relationship between the council and informal traders.

Mr Malunga the PWD chair in Zvishavane said they have met with acting town secretary who was standing in for the DA, they have submitted their required documents now waiting for the response from him.

“We have met with Zvishavane town secretary who then was the acting District Administrator (DA) and we are pushing an agenda of having a PWD member representing ZCIEA in the city council committee and we are yet to receive a feedback from him” said Mr. Malunga.

The representation will be helpful since the PWD will be advocating for their own rights and also for those with PWD in the informal sector.

Zvishavane territory also have two councillors male and female who are the active ZCIEA members who have an understanding and experienced the challenges faced by informal traders

Having two councillors who are also ZCIEA active members will speed up the process of having the PWD representing ZCIEA in the council committee above all the town secretary is the former Zvishavane Youth Secretary.

The female councillor Mrs Itai Pasira said that she became a councillor because previous councillors were not fully informed about what informal trading is all about, most women are involved in informal trading so there is a need for a strong representation for women to create an environment which is friendly for female informal traders.

She also mentioned that her wish is to build more permanent structures in Zvishavane for informal which has all the facilities which promotes health of informal traders such as clean water, toilets and other sanitary services needed.