Town manager for Seke south Town Council have engaged ZCIEA in the stakeholder meeting to find ways on how best to fund designated vending sites so that normal business operations can begin.

The call of the meeting came as a result of the unlawful removal of informal traders at Jambanja market as of court ruling of 2010, ZCIEA has since intervened helping them to regain their prowess through legal action.

The meeting was held on the 30th of May 2019 at Seke South Town Council and was attended by ZCIEA Secretary General, Seke South Town Manager, Seke south ward 8 Councillor, ZCIEA Chitungwiza territorial leadership and Jambanja Market committee members.

The council had brought the bill of quantities of the things required to build sustainable stalls at Jambanja market and wanted hear views of the informal traders operating at Jambanja market. The requirements include 1.) Ground clearing with bulldozer and front loader (2.) pegging 1850 stalls (1,5by 2m) using 12mm pegs. (3.) Putting concrete on pegs (4.) 930 pegs (5.)20 cubic of quarry stones (6) 20 bags of cement

Several issues were discussed which include the adjustment of measurements of stalls from 1, 5 by 2 to 2by 3, Seke south residents should be the beneficiaries of the market not disadvantaging those who were operating at the place before regardless of where they are coming from, the project should be between council and informal traders and free from political bias, to build the market on Build on Transfer (BOT).

After the above discussion the Town manager resolved that they came up with a time line in which he will (1.) write a letter to the planning department to come up with a structure of stalls to be constructed at Jambanja market and mandated ZCIEA to come up with their own. (2.) Proper measurements of the available ground, (3) consolidation of registers (4) dialogue with the traders at Jambanja market and lastly follow up on the MOU which was sent to the Housing Director.

All the above targets were given a timeline between the 3rd and 7th of June of 2019 and the date for the next meeting was allocated between the 10th to the 14th of June, Wednesday the 12th most preferably.

The discussion was fruitful since all the grievances of informal traders at Jambanja were taken on board to be presented to the housing director.