by Constance Chitombo

Mrs Mandishona ZCIEA National Chairperson for Woman’s structure attended the 1ST Forum of Social Security Institutions in Africa Representing informal economy traders from the 29th – 30th of March 2019 in Ethiopia Addis Ababa.

More than eighteen (18) countries attended the workshop, ZCIEA was the only informal economy organisation and the rest being represented by their governments.

The main focus of the workshop was social security for migrant workers, social security extension to workers in the informal economy and prepare a position paper and recommendation to the specialized technical committee on social development, labour and employment.

Mrs Mandishona in her presentation she gave a brief profile of ZCIEA including vision, mission, sector coverage, and advocacy work by ZCIEA based on social protection, and all the work ZCIEA has done towards decent work and revolving fund to boost informal workers businesses.

She also presented on achievements the organisation has made which includes; four policy position papers which are decent work agenda, workers’ rights, legislation (at national, regional and international level) and formalisation (ILO recommendation 204).

After the presentation ZCIEA became the centre of discussion and everyone in the room wanted to identify with ZCIEA and most of ZCIEA points were taken in the final recommendations such as financial inclusion, social dialogue and social protection among others.

Other countries present commended ZCIEA as democratic organisation which operates from grass root level leaving no one out and also mentioned that if the informal economy gets all the support such as financial inclusion, access to markets, social protection it will lead to infrastructure development and contribution to fair tax.

ZCIEA’s work is now recognized at national, regional  and international level.